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Our Story


    John and Kimberly Cabot set out to be self sufficient and live off of the land.  After college on the Humboldt coast they moved inland where more fruits and vegetables could ripen. They grew a wide assortment of organic produce and marketed it through Northern California retailers and Farmer’s Markets.  Ten years of growing experience on the Klamath River in Northern California nurtured within them a deep respect for the land.  They also developed a deep appreciation for red wine from their families.  They set out to bring their love for growing, wine and the land together into one dream…

    They began planting wine grapes in1998.  It was exciting to pioneer an undiscovered wine area in California. The land is carved by narrow gorges and steep mountains making ideal vineyard sites rare little gems.  They now have three small vineyards that they hand planted with small crews of locals.  Each of the vineyards is individual and is meticulously tended in accordance with its unique needs. John tries to step back and allow the uniqueness of each site to come through in the wine, balancing a passion for quality with a respect for the land. 

    They started making wine in 2001 with a goal of making wine that they themselves would like to drink.  John describes Kimberly as his best critic so when she liked the wines and wanted a second glass he knew he was on the right track.  Like many of California’s top winemakers, John is self taught.  He reads everything about grapes and wine that is available to him.  Being a small, estate winery allows John to be involved with every aspect of growing and producing the wine, while Kimberly focuses on the paperwork, marketing and the next generation of Cabot Vineyards winemakers, their children Reed and Aria.

    Cabot Vineyards was founded on the belief that the making of superior wines requires hands on craftsmanship.  Anyone looking for an authentic, pure experience will love these wines.  Take an adventure into a remote corner of Northern California with Cabot Vineyards wines and taste the depth of character that Nature creates. 

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