Cabot Vineyards from the Klamath River of Humboldt County in California



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   We love creating wines in this beautiful, wilderness area of California. Cabot Vineyards has the northernmost vineyards and winery in California. We are surrounded by National Forest and a scenic river which makes our location ideal.  At our winery we make wines as unique as the place they come from. With attention to detail, we allow the wine to display the pure characteristics of place and variety. We are a very small production winery which enables us to control quality in every step of the process. Cabot Vineyards is founded on the belief that making superior wines requires hands on craftsmanship.  Anyone looking for an authentic, pure experience will love these wines. Take an adventure into a remote corner of Northern California with Cabot Vineyards wines and taste the depth of character that Nature creates.

John Cabot

Cabot Vineyards from the Klamath River of Humboldt County


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